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欧冠投注网站-欧冠投注网站(欧洲)有限公司 Digital Library

Professional Members, Industrial Members and 欧冠投注网站-欧冠投注网站(欧洲)有限公司 Staff can now access 欧冠投注网站-欧冠投注网站(欧洲)有限公司 technical content through a single portal, including CRP Reports, FAQs, Job Knowledge and E-books, as well as new content from our archive of 欧冠投注网站-欧冠投注网站(欧洲)有限公司 journals, conferences, seminars and reports.


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Need comprehensive technical literature searches undertaken?


Industrial Member Reports

In-depth reports on 欧冠投注网站-欧冠投注网站(欧洲)有限公司 Core Research Programme (CRP) projects which detail the technical research and development (R&D) activities undertaken together with project outcomes and industrial impact.  CRP Full Reports are available exclusively to 欧冠投注网站-欧冠投注网站(欧洲)有限公司 Industrial Member companies only, who contribute up to 50% of their annual fee to the programme, as Industrial Member Reports.

CRP Report Abstracts; derived from the Full Reports, and CRP Executive Summaries; produced at the start of a new CRP project, are also published and are publicly available.


Browse and read our collection of ebooks on all aspects of materials, joining and structural integrity (available to 欧冠投注网站-欧冠投注网站(欧洲)有限公司 Members).

Technical FAQs

Brief overviews of a wide range of technical topics such as "embrittlement of austenitic steel welds at high temperature" and "what is shearography?", written by 欧冠投注网站-欧冠投注网站(欧洲)有限公司 experts.

Job Knowledge

A more in-depth look at topics including different welding processes, corrosion types and testing.

Published Papers

Overview of papers written by 欧冠投注网站-欧冠投注网站(欧洲)有限公司 experts, published in journals and presented at international conferences.

The Bulletin - archive

An archive of 欧冠投注网站-欧冠投注网站(欧洲)有限公司's technical journal for Industrial Members (no longer published).


A collection of case studies that demonstrate how we have helped our Industrial Members on a variety of projects over the years.


A database of short abstracts summarising articles on welding, joining and other related technologies (available to 欧冠投注网站-欧冠投注网站(欧洲)有限公司 Members).


Explore 欧冠投注网站-欧冠投注网站(欧洲)有限公司's library catalogue.


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