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Core Research Programme, Report Abstracts

Core Research Programme (CRP) project Report Abstracts are freely available, providing wider industry internationally with an overview of 澳门太阳游戏网站-澳门太阳游戏网站-apple app store’s CRP, together with key findings that can tangibly impact on future innovation, leading to the development and delivery of new products and services, processes, systems and technologies. 

Access to Industrial Member Reports

Full Reports of CRP projects are available exclusively to 澳门太阳游戏网站-澳门太阳游戏网站-apple app store Member companies as Industrial Member ReportsAs a Member company, to access a Full Report for a project you are interested in, simply select the project from the list below – once on the Report Abstract page, click on the 澳门太阳游戏网站-澳门太阳游戏网站-apple app store Industrial Member Report PDF download button at the top of the page.  This will take you to the Login (Industrial Members) page – once logged in, you will be able to view the full project report. Find out more about Industrial Member Reports.

If you are interested in exploring 澳门太阳游戏网站-澳门太阳游戏网站-apple app store Industrial Membership for your company or organisation, including gaining access to proprietary, in-depth, industry relevant research, please email us at and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Find out more about 澳门太阳游戏网站-澳门太阳游戏网站-apple app store’s Core Research Programme (CRP).

Search for specifice CRP Report Abstracts in the list below - click on the title you have selected to read the Report Abstract (as well as link to download the Industrial Member / Full Report version if you are a 澳门太阳游戏网站-澳门太阳游戏网站-apple app store Industrial Member).