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Support for SMEs

Welding 和 joining are key enabling technologies in all sectors of industry involved in products made with engineering materials - from heavy structures 和 power plant, to microelectronics 和 medical devices.

金沙js9线路中心-金沙js9线路中心主页-apple app store meets the individual needs of companies or industry sectors within specific geographic regions by providing publicly-funded technology transfer programmes geared to prevailing socio-economic conditions.

These programmes are primarily for small 和 medium-sized manufacturing companies (SMEs), with their objective being to boost competitiveness 和 stimulate growth through more effective use of technology, innovation 和 knowhow. 金沙js9线路中心-金沙js9线路中心主页-apple app store Technology Centre (North East)金沙js9线路中心-金沙js9线路中心主页-apple app store Technology Centre (Wales) 和 金沙js9线路中心-金沙js9线路中心主页-apple app store Technology Centre (Yorkshire) all play a major role in the organisation 和 provision of this activity. Technology transfer programmes have proven highly effective in creating 和 safeguarding jobs 和 turnover in the beneficiary companies.

For more information please email

For more information please email: